Carnivals and Cabarets

Helping people to raise their sights, pull together and develop the community from a dispirited atomised, set of lonely people takes time and all the many activities described in earlier sections of this web-site. It also takes carnivals and cabarets.

Just as a church has a communion and congregation, so also a community needs a reason for getting together, having fun, celebrating and eating together.

So, every year Balsall Heath has a mid-summer Carnival which attracts 5,000 people out of its population of 15,000. It is held on the most central of its parks which acts as the village green.

There are also large indoor gatherings attended by 250 or so people who are entertained by children and other performers. A meal is provided and people are encouraged to get to know each other better and, perhaps, talk about one of the important issues of the day.

Each year a Calendar is produced with the help of local photos. It contains key dates and useful information.